Our Mission

To provide truckers and fleet owners with the best tire buying experience through transparency, efficiency, and exceptional customer service

ClearView's Vision and Promise

ClearView's Mission and Promise

Explore our journey towards revolutionizing the trucking industry.

Phase 1: Establish Foundation



Build a website offering transparent pricing, free delivery, and a large catalog.

Impact for Truckers/Fleet Owners:

Truckers and fleet owners can easily access a comprehensive range of tires with clear, upfront pricing. Free delivery adds convenience, allowing them to manage tire replacements efficiently without hidden costs.

Phase 1 Illustration

Phase 2: Increase Visibility and Gather Insights



Engage with owner-operators and fleet owners to understand their needs.

Impact for Truckers/Fleet Owners:

By actively engaging with customers, ClearView can gather valuable insights to enhance service offerings. This ensures that the products and services provided are tailored to meet the specific needs and challenges of truckers and fleet owners, leading to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

Phase 2 Illustration

Phase 3: Launch Rebate Program



Introduce a cashback rebate program via prepaid credit cards.

Impact for Truckers/Fleet Owners:

Truckers and fleet owners benefit from immediate financial rewards through cashback rebates. This flexible spending option can be used for various expenses such as fuel, maintenance, or personal needs, providing additional value and cost savings.

Phase 3 Illustration

Phase 4: Expansion and Enhancement



Expand the team, local delivery network, product catalog, and site functionality.

Impact for Truckers/Fleet Owners:

Expansion efforts lead to faster delivery times, a broader selection of products, and an enhanced user experience on the website. These improvements ensure that truckers and fleet owners have quick access to the tires they need, along with exceptional service and support.

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Phase 5: Adapt, Innovate, and Lead

2027 and beyond


Provide activism, push for innovation, and leverage the customer network for job opportunities.

Impact for Truckers/Fleet Owners:

ClearView’s commitment to activism and innovation empowers the trucking community. By addressing social issues and advocating for truckers’ needs, ClearView builds a supportive network. Leveraging this network for job opportunities and continuous innovation ensures that truckers and fleet owners are part of a forward-thinking, community-focused organization.

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